the doghouse

Identity and website with online booking for The Doghouse - a unique and high-end Bed, Breakfast & Bike in Bruges.

As Nick and Susie Senecal's weekend escapes to Bruges, from their busy London lives, became more and more frequent, the idea of a permanent move began to take hold. Creatives in their own fields, cars and fashion respectively, they found the surroundings nourished their artistic souls and the laid back culture offered the much needed relaxation they craved.

In 2016 The Doghouse BB&B was born. Bed, Breakfast and Bike. Transforming the elegant canal-side 'Gentleman's House' in the city centre was a labour of love and the creation and styling of just three designer rooms has taken a huge amount of hard work and commitment.

Any destination needs a website and we were delighted to be the "obvious choice" for Nick and Susie as design is such a priority for them. The website showcases the three stunning ensuite rooms and communal areas, provides their personal directory of recommended hotspots and, crucially, online booking.

I had often seen Susan's work and love that way she has of allowing the personality of each brand to shine through . . . For our site, she very quickly grasped the aesthetic we were after and worked to ensure the technical side in no way detracted from it.

The functionality is superb, not only for our guests but behind the scenes for us, including the money-taking and partnerships with third parties such as"

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