James Schneider & Associates are a vendor-neutral IT advisory, partnered with the top technology suppliers and working as an integral part of the firms they advise.

James Schneider was originally introduced via another client and came to us when he was frustrated by the site he'd had developed. On first impression, it looked OK, but delving deeper it became apparent it had been developed for mobile devices and didn't display at all well on desktop. But the biggest challenge of the project was unravelling the content and making sense of the message. There was a lot of repetition and most importantly, it was talking to the wrong audience.

In preference to just making it all look very slick, I set about the far tougher task of rationalising the content. In James's own words:

"My original website was developed offshore and in a hurry, I was moving quickly to establish my market presence with not a lot of investment. The result was a false economy, and my poorly constructed storefront was in bad need of repair. Enter Susan Hare who was brilliant at untangling the mire of words and pages; redefining my website into a clean and concise reflection of my corporate image and offering."

It was, then, in the end, a project that was incredibly satisfying. Happy client, happy designer.

"I am very pleased with the result and highly recommend Prussian Blue."


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